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???? Never Ending Shampoo Prank Part 2, Oh man this one is hilarious

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☛ Me and my buddy went to beach ????️and embarked on a fantastic voyage to put shampoo on unsuspecting stranger's hair. It was all fun and game until they find out!!! The reactions are hilarious. ???????????? Please like for more shampoo prank in the future! ????

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Check out my buddy Joe Ramah who made this video possible

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About RicemanTV: My name is Victor and I'm the creator of RicemanTV where I make hilarious prank videos and thought provoking public experiments. I do this as a hobby and it’s a good fun so have a laugh at it! The Riceman name was created in 2010 when I thought of a superhero who would bring rice to all the hungry people of this world, I started making video 2 years because I would like to help all the people in the world who would need Riceman’s help!

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