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Legion OST Remix - The Movie [Cinematics & Soundtracks]

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A remix of Legion's main soundtracks OST. The culmination of numerous revisions, this tells the story of Legion in the format of a "Legion OST Cinematic Movie Soundtrack Remix Time Capsule". Well uh, that didn't make any sense :O Hope you like it!

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Hiya folks! This is a project I wanted to do since Legion’s final patch hit in November. I actually ended up dropping and revisiting this, going through 23+ revisions over the last few months before I ended up with a format I was satisfied with.

I toyed around with the prospects of it being an OST Remix, a Cinematic Mix, or Movie type style, time capsule, etc. In the end, I put all those ideas together and came up with the final product.

Also noticed we finally hit 5000 subs quite recently. Yay! And it only took 5 years :3

This Remix contains my favorite tracks from Legion (not to mention the tracks that worked well with the cinematics I wanted to use xD). While the entire video is technically a "remix", some indivdual tracks have also been "slightly" remixed as well to flow well into one another. As for the Cinematics, I was quite limited as to which parts I could use and place emphasis on, based on the length of each track. Each moment of the clip had to blend seamlessly (as was possible) with each track so it doesn't seem disjointed. Definitely was tough trying to not make most of them feel rushed! :D

Act/Soundtrack List:

Act 1: Broken Shore Invasion (Argus Final Battle Theme 1)
Act 2: Illidan’s demise (Demon Hunter Theme)
Act 3: Fate of the Nightborne (Weep)
Act 4: Betrayal & Tragedy (Argus Final Battle Theme 2)
Act 5: What a King Must Do (Kingdoms Will Burn)
Act 6: Retaliation & the Deceiver (Argus Final Battle Theme 3)
Act 7: Battle for Argus (Argus Final Battle Theme 4)
Act 8: The Dark Titan (Silithus Wound Theme)
Act 9: A Bittersweet End (Anduin’s Theme – A World Divided)

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