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Lara plays the ENTIRE Zelda Ocarina of Time soundtrack on piano


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My Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/lara6683

Over the past year, I have pretty much covered every single track from Zelda Ocarina of Time on stream. This video is a full playthrough of the OoT soundtrack on piano. Tracks less than 10 seconds (jingles and sound effects), and tracks which do not contain enough melodic content to translate well to piano (eg shadow temple) were not included, but everything else is here. I would like to thank bebop743 who edited and compiled this video. This was a massive job, and I am so grateful for his time and skill. Every effort has been made to minimise interruptions from stream (when you see a splice, it was most likely done to patch an intrusive notification). I hope you enjoy this video!

This video was compiled by bebop743, ninjafish255, and lara6683.

This video was edited by bebop743 and lara6683. :)

(0:00) Title Theme
(3:12) Deku Tree / The Great Deku Tree
(4:41) Navi the Fairy
(5:24) Inside a House
(6:42) Opening a Treasure Chest
(7:04) Kokiri Forest
(8:02) Inside the Great Deku Tree
(9:25) Hyrule Field
(11:12) Lon Lon Ranch / Epona’s Song
(13:17) Kaepora Gaebora
(14:43) Market
(15:24) Mini Game
(16:24) Shop Theme
(17:48) Shooting Gallery
(18:32) Potion Shop
(20:18) Hyrule Castle Courtyard
(21:08) Zelda’s Lullaby / Ocarina of Time
(22:55) Kakariko Village
(24:24) Horse Race
(25:41) Great Fairy’s Fountain Theme
(28:14) Goron City
(29:07) Zora’s Domain
(31:25) Gerudo Valley
(33:45) Lost Woods / Saria’s Song
(34:50) Chamber of Sages / Legend of Hyrule
(36:20) Sheik’s Theme
(37:32) Forest Temple
(38:48) Ice Cavern
(40:03) Water Temple
(41:13) Spirit Temple
(43:37) Kotake and Koume
(45:09) Ganon’s Tower
(47:46) Song of Time / Temple of Time
(49:25) Song of Storms / Windmill Hut / Guru Guru’s Theme
(50:28) Minuet of Forest
(50:49) Bolero of Fire
(51:15) Serenade of Water
(51:49) Nocturne of Shadow
(52:18) Requiem of Spirit
(52:49) Prelude of Light

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