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Full OST - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Complete Original Soundtrack)

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Full Original Soundtrack of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. NOTE: I've reuploaded this OST because this video had abrupt endings due to a rendering issue, Please watch the new video instead: https://youtu.be/nMgUTJo0wPM and please give the new one a like to make sure everyone else sees it instead of this one!

I hope you enjoy and give this video a like to show how much you love From Software and Sekiro!!!

00:00 Sekiro, The One Armed Wolf
01:18 Rebellion
04:26 Emma The Physician
07:56 Ashina Reservoir
09:50 Divine Heir Of The Dragon's Heritage
13:49 Knife's Edge
14:50 A Shinobi's War
16:26 Ashina's Crisis
20:56 Genichiro Ashina
24:16 Scupltor Of The Dilapidated Temple
26:38 Ashina Outskirts
29:10 Strength and Discipline
31:56 Serpent Valley
33:42 Great Serpent
35:44 Gyoubu Oniwa
38:49 Hirata Estate Dragonspring River
41:09 Approaching Forces
42:39 Up In Flames
44:56 The Phantom Lady Butterfly
48:21 Ashina Castle
51:01 The Ashina Clan
53:08 Sunken Valley
55:17 Snake Eyes
56:53 Guardian Ape
58:50 Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo
01:01:05 Seekers
01:02:35 Altered Form
01:04:34 Folding Screen Monkey
01:08:50 Children Of Rejuvenation
01:10:41 Mibu Village
01:12:37 Thirsting Horde
01:14:16 Apparitions
01:17:03 Corrupted Monk
01:20:07 Incursion
01:22:14 Lone Shadow
01:23:59 Gentle Blade
01:25:59 Isshin Ashina
01:28:35 Great Shinobi
01:31:46 Fountainhead Palace
01:34:56 Okami Lineage
01:36:14 Great Coloured Carp
01:39:06 The Old Dragons Of The Tree
01:40:35 Divine Dragon
01:45:31 Overrun
01:47:29 The Red Guard
01:49:27 Demon Of Hatred
01:52:46 Conspiracy
01:54:30 The Owl
01:58:42 Sword Saint
02:01:39 End Of A Vicious Struggle
00:00:00 Repeat This Amazing Soundtrack

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Full OST - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Complete Soundtrack)

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