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Detroit: Become Human OST - Full Original SoundTrack


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Detroit: Become Human Full OST - Play the Game (Best Price) ➜ https://amzn.to/2J8ii0y
Tracklist Detroit: Become Human Full OST:
01. Kara Main Theme (00:00)
02. Connor Main Theme (06:51)
03. Markus Main Theme (15:45)
04. Little One (18:48)
05. Hostage (21:56)
06. Something You've Never Seen Before (24:47)
07. Dark Night (28:00)
08. Deviant (33:21)
09. I Am Markus (37:41)
10. What's Your Mission (39:28)
11. Fly On Foot (40:36)
12. I Can't Let My People Die (44:10)
13. Boom Goes the Music Box (47:41)
14. I'd Rather Be Alone (50:56)
15. C Blues (57:03)
16. Perfect Day (59:52)
17. Johnny Lawless (01:03:44)
18. Midnight Cry (01:06:53)
19. Station (01:10:49)
Detroit: Become Human is an adventure video game developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.
The game was released on May 25, 2018 for PlayStation 4 only.
The game writer and director David Cage is famous for some great previous games he worked on: Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit.
The game has three main characters: Kara, Connor and Markus, they are androids robots looking like humans. These three androids have their own philosophy of life:
Markus wants to free androids from the rule of humans. Kara has just managed to escape from the factory she was build (born?) from and she is exploring her artificial consciousness. Connor is a hunter specialized in catching deviant androids.
Detroit: Become Human soundtrack was composed by Philip Sheppard, Nima Fakhrara, and John Paesano.
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Detroit: Become Human Full OST ➜ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhQBfHltLVA
Detroit: Become Human OST
Detroit: Become Human Full OST
Detroit: Become Human Original SoundTrack
Detroit: Become Human SoundTrack
Detroit: Become Human

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