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Avengers Infinity War – Soundtrack (Tribute) | Epic Avengers Music | Orchestral, Emotional

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This is my tribute to the Avengers Infinity War soundtrack. Epic emotional Avengers music for the fallen heroes. Music composed by:

Derek and Brandon Fiechter: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjMZjGhrFq_4llVS_x2XJ_w
Robert Russell: https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertRussellMusic
Ean Grimm: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwF4bAx_W482_AQu-mv1vWg

Please support the channels of this composers!! :)

1 One Final War by Robert Russell 0:00
2 The Black Eclipse by Robert Russell 5:19
3 Warrior rising by Ean Grimm 11:03
4 Dear Elise by Robert Russell 13:42
5 The Hell Runner by Robert Russell 20:16
6 The Journey Continues by Robert Russell 23:32
7 Dreamland by Derek and Brandon Fiechter 26:56
8 Prelude to the Last Crusade by Robert Russell 30:02
9 The last hero by Ean Grimm 34:23
10 Forever by Robert Russell 36:45
11 My Only Quest by Robert Russell 40:12
12 Eternal by Ean Grimm 44:51
13 Dawning Light by Derek and Brandon Fiechter 47:20
14 Whispers on the Breeze by Robert Russell 50:42
15 Conquer them all by Ean Grimm 56:04
16 Hope by Derek and Brandon Fiechter 58:21
17 Lacrymosa by Robert Russell 1:00:45
18 Journey at Night by Derek and Brandon Fiechter 1:04:00

Music for your soul – Ean Grimm

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Avengers Infinity War – Soundtrack (Tribute) | Epic Avengers Music | Orchestral, Emotional

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